Actionable Insights

More than data visualizations, Supercharger gives you intelligent recommendations

Bring focus to the right deals

The Supercharger dynamically scores all your opportunities—from many dimensions—and delivers a prioritized list so reps stay focused on the most important deals and spend valuable selling time with the right buyers. Supercharger algorithms analyze each opportunity many times a day evaluating the quality, health, engagement, and overall attractiveness.

No follow-up falls through the crack

Imagine a good sales assistant that scours your pipeline of opportunities and surfaces each one as follow-up is needed. That’s exactly what the Supercharger does for you. It keeps reps on a healthy follow-up cadence with all their opportunities so nothing falls through the crack.

Deep analysis of each opportunity

The Supercharger diagnoses each opportunity for openings and risks—asking the same questions a good sales manager would ask. The only difference is that it’s asking the data questions, not the rep. Results are served up as risk areas or openings with suggestions for next steps.

Next step suggestions

Like a good assistant, the Supercharger scours your opportunities and makes next step recommendations for each one. And like a good sales coach, the recommendation engine surfaces ideas like targeting a new buyer persona, bringing a subject matter expert into the engagement, delivering personalized content, and gathering critical information.

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