Data Entry

Your sales team should be selling, not typing

Automate CRM data entry—get more selling time

Sales reps and managers hate entering data into CRM, and most just won’t do it. And if they do, it’s spotty data entry at best, leaving out critical activities and events needed to get an accurate picture of situations and relationships. But, here’s the real question… Do you want your reps spending time entering data or spending more time selling?

Get incredible visibility

Sales managers need visibility into what sales reps are actually doing. It’s why you team bought CRM in the first place. Coaching, opportunity guidance, pipeline reviews, and accurate forecasting all depend on visibility. And the Supercharger brings that visibility with no change in rep behavior. Now that’s game-changing.

Emails, calls, meetings and contacts

CRM Supercharger auto-detects all sales activities—emails, calls, meetings and buyer contacts and automatically adds them to your CRM. There’s no extra effort, no change in rep behavior—it just happens automatically.

Cell phone calls, text messages and LinkedIn

Sales reps are using smartphones, text and LinkedIn messaging more and more. Until now these critical activities were undetectable—completely invisible to managers, sales leaders, and other team members. The Supercharger changes all that. Now teams get a complete picture of what’s actually happening during sales engagements. And only good comes out of that.

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