Powerful Visuals

Can you see the health of an opportunity in a spreadsheet? Neither can we.

Visualizations for sales reps

No one can look at tabular sales activity data and determine much of anything. But, CRM Supercharger changes all that—giving reps a clear picture of each opportunity from several angles. Reps can see who’s involved and which buyers need follow-up, which buyers are engaged, and which buyers are lurking around and need to be drawn into the conversation.

For sales managers

Sales managers need visibility more than anyone—and they’re going to feel like the Supercharger was made just for them. Health visualizations let sales managers quickly understand each sales situation, see risks and openings, and have deeper, more productive conversations with reps. Pipeline reviews change from “just trying to understand” to “engaged strategy sessions.”

For sales leaders

Sales leaders can see the big picture with roll-up visualizations showing activity levels, effectiveness levels, milestones and results. Or they can zoom into an important opportunity buying room and see the health of the engagement. It’s like Google Earth for sales teams.

For marketers

The Supercharger brings great visibility for marketing. Powerful visuals show what content is used, how buyers are responding, and, most importantly, what content is moving deals forward. It’s the vast amounts of activity data the Supercharger collects that make this all possible. Great data drives great visuals—and great visuals lead to better insight.

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